TagOhneSchatten.jpg ZYG9 - TAG OHNE SCHATTEN - Ein besserer Ort - CD/MP3 - Release Date 2019/05/10

Excellent punk songs by this powerful three-piece. Featuring ex-members of Neurotic Arseholes, Drowning Roses and Pressure Flip.


ZYG8 ZYG8 - DEAMON'S CHILD - Angstparade - Vinyl/CD/MP3 - Release Date 2018/05/18

Third album by this unusual three-piece.


ZYG7 ZYG7 - MARKUZ WALACH - Identity - CD - Release Date 2018/05/11

Pure Blues with the roots of Rock N' Roll fuses with catchy Soul or even Pop in a snotty, dirty soundwith.


ZYG6 - DEAMON'S CHILD - Live im LUX - CD/MP3 - Release Date 2017/06/19

Live, loud & raw.


ZYG5 - KALAMATA - Disruption - CD/MP3 - Release Date 2017/03/01

Album number two of this instrumental three-piece. A balance between heavy stoner psych attacks and progressive soundwaves.


ZYG4 - DEAMON'S CHILD - Scherben müssen sein - Vinyl/CD/MP3 Release Date 2016/02/26

Second Album of this Stoner-Noise-Punk Trio.


Kalamata ZYG3 - KALAMATA - same - CD/MP3 - Release Date 2014/10/24

High energy instrumetal Stoner-Psych-Space Rock out of hildesheim, germany. Recorded live in the studio in one day.


pacman_bandcamp_cover ZYG2 - PACMAN - Girlfriends - Tape/MP3 - Release Date 2014/07/11

Debut of this four-piece from hannover, germany. Noisy Post-Rock Punk featuring members of Hermelin, WhiteBuzz and Ponto.


Deamon's Child ZYG1 - DEAMON'S CHILD - same - CD/MP3 - Release Date 2014/04/18

First album of this Stoner-Noise trio from germany. Punk-attitude with a Psychedelic touch. Feat. members of WhiteBuzz and The Psychedelic Avengers.